Evansville MX Park

Demolition Derby Rules


General Rules (Pit/Track and Safety)


1.      Release form must be signed upon entry of Evansville grounds.

2.      The only people allowed on the track are to be drivers, officials, and towing crew.

3.      Sandbagging will not be permitted. One warning will be given, and if your driving does not get more aggressive, you will be disqualified. Fans want to see a show, so give them one!

4.      Driver’s door hits are not permitted and can result in a disqualification. Accidents happen, but if it appears intentional, you will be disqualified immediately!! Using your driver’s door as a shield can also cause disqualification!

5.      No in-car communication with crew or other drivers allowed.

6.      In the event of a protest, a $100 fee will be charged. If the protested car is found illegal, the driver protesting will be returned the $100. If protested car is found legal, $50 will go to the protested car, and $50 to Evansille MX! The driver protesting must have cash in hand immediately following the event. Only drivers may protest.

7.      You have 30 seconds to hit a live car, and 60 seconds to restart. Drivers who put on a show may be given slightly more time to get car fired up.

8.      If you have any questions about rules, please call before you do it!

9.      Drivers must wear a full face helmet with eye protection, no open face helmets permitted! Neck braces are also recommended.

10.  Drivers must wear a long sleeve shirt, long pants on the track. Gloves are also recommended but not mandatory.

11.  Drivers must have a properly working seat belt!


Limited Weld Class


Types of Cars


1.   Any American made automobile with the exception of  trucks, Jeeps, hearses and vans.
No full frame Chrysler Imperials.




1.      Please remove all glass, interior parts,dirt, and garbage out of car. Windshield is optional. Dash may stay if desired.

2.      Please remove all chrome and plastic trim from outside of car. Fiberglass nose and tail pieces as well as headlights and tail lights must also be removed.

3.      Remove all airbags from cars.

4.      A/C system must be drained.
5,  In case of rollover you have 1 chance to start car as long as no fluids are leaking or on the motor




1.      All doors must be wired, chained, or welded shut. ¼” chain minimum. Doors may be welded solid. If any door opens during event, it will cause driver to be disqualified.

2.      No reinforcements allowed to the body. Rust repair may be done with sheet metal of the same thickness. Repairs may not exceed more than 2 inches past the affected area.

3.      Cage material may not exceed may not exceed a 4” diameter. Safety bars may run from the seat bar to the dash bar only along driver and passenger doors for safety! Do not connect it to the frame in any way! Must be installed in a safe and secure manner.

4.      Roof chains are permitted, 4 maximum.

5.      Body mounts can be removed, replaced or added.

6.      Sunroof openings must be covered with sheet metal!

7.      Fenders and wheel wells can be cut and rolled for tire clearance issues.




1.      No bumper frame hitches allowed.

2.      No welding on the frame of any kind EXCEPT bumper and hump plates on coil sprung cars, leaf sprung cars may not use hump plates.  A arm forward seam welding will be permitted.

3.      No loading the frame whatsoever.

4.      Imperial subs are allowed, no frame swaps.

5.      Rear end may be notched, dimpled, or pre-bent, just do not add material to bent area.

6.      Any car whether fresh or pre-run needing frame repair must call in advance and provide before and after pictures of affected area.

7.      Cars may be tilted hot or cold.




1.      There must be at least a 10 inch hole cut in the hood above carburetor.

2.      Hoods may be rolled forward over the radiator.

3.      Hood may be secured in 6 spots with the use of wire, chain, or bolts. All-thread is also permitted. 1" max all thread.

4.      Angle is permitted to be welded on hood and fender, but cannot extend more than 4 inches in length, and counts as one of 6 spots.

5.      Trunk may be chained, wired, bolted, or with welding. welded shut. If welded, weld 6 inches, leave 6 inches.

6.      If bolted, maximum of 1” all-thread is permitted. Bolts may connect lid to pan, but CANNOT pass through frame unless going through a factory body mount location.

7.      Trunks may be tucked or V’d, but please no wedging!

8.      Front and rear window bars are permitted. 2 maximum each side  5” or less bars, bars may be attached to speaker deck or trunk but not to frame or floor iin any way.




1.      Any bumper is permitted as long as it is OEM type.

2.      DEC bumpers & loaded bumbers will be permitted in the big car class only.

3.      Bumpers may be seam welded.

4.      Bumpers may be swapped  from different models.

5.      Bumper shocks may be compressed , welded, and bolted and mounting brackets may be welded to the frame, or bumpers may be hardnosed and welded directly to the frame.




1.      Any engine/transmission swaps are permitted.

2.      Firewalls may be cut to allow motor/trans to sit back.

3.      Engine cradles and distributor protectors are permitted as long as they do not strengthen the frame in any way. "DP must be 5" from dash bar". Kickers may be used if a full cradle and dp are not being used.

4.      Motor mounts may be welded to the frame and can be mounted solid. Chains are also allowed.

5.      Exhaust stacks are permitted.

6.      There must be some form of air cleaner over the carburetor.

7.      Transmission coolers may be mounted inside of car if desired.

8.      Plastic electric fans only. Belt driven metal fans are not permitted.

9.      All engine cooling systems must remain under the hood.

10.  Antifreeze must be drained and replaced with water. 

11.  Slider type shafts are allowed.




1.      Rears may be swapped.

2.      Rear may be locked or welded.

3.      Leaf-over conversions ARE permitted for coil sprung cars.




1.      All cars must have working brakes.

2.      Steering components and shafts may be swapped and welded. Aftermarket setups are also permitted.




1.      Any DOT, forklift, skidsteer, or tractor tire is permitted.

2.      Tires may be tubed, doubled, or loaded.

3.      Valve stem protectors are permitted.

4.      Stock style rims only.

5.      All wheel weights must be removed!



1.      Suspension may be solid.

2.      Leaf springs may be clamped . 2 clamps per spring maximum.

3.      A-arms and spindles can be swapped, but must bolt to original factory installed brackets.


Fuel Setup


1.      Gas tanks must be removed from underneath car.

2.      Plastic or metal marine tanks, or fuel cells must be securely mounted in area vacated by rear seat.(5 Gallons max)

3.      Tanks must have fuel line type fitting. Steel or Copper.(No gas cans!)

4.      Fuel lines may run inside passenger area.

5.      If running an electric pump, it must run off of a switch that has ON/OFF clearly labeled and of easy access.




1.      All batteries must be moved from stock location and securely mounted to front passenger floor area.

2.      Maximum of 2 batteries of any size allowed.



Compact Class Rules


Compact rules will be the same as the Limited Weld rules except for the following:


1.      Cars may be any American or Foreign 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder front wheel drive or rear wheel drive with a wheelbase of 107.1” or less. The 107.1” wheelbase allows compact cars like the Honda Accord, Ford Contour, and Mercury Mystique  to be included.

2.      NO LUMINAS OR SIMILAR GM CARS, THEY ARE 107.5” and only allowed in the Figure 8 event!

3.      Gas tanks may remain in stock location provided they are in front of the rear axle.  (Friendly reminded to anybody leaving a Ford tank in the stock location: Did you remove your inertia switch?!)

4.      RWD compact cars may not be leafed over if coil sprung from factory!





Figure 8 Rules


Figure 8 rules will be the same as Limited Weld except for the following:


1.      Any American or Foreign 4 or 6 cylinder car with a 109” or less wheelbase.

2.      Gas tanks may remain in stock location provided it is in front of the rear axle.

3.      No leaf over conversions on RWD cars.
4.      Driver door MUST have padding! (rear seat cushion works!)  Safety bar is also recommended!

Questions about anything please contact Chris @ 484-464-3564 or Rob @ 610-751-8682

Payout schedule

Limited Weld- 1st-$800, 2nd-$300 and 3rd-100

Compact- 1st-$300, 2nd-$200 and 3rd-$100

Figure 8- 1st-$300, 2nd-$200 and 3rd-$100

1st Place Payout will increase with 10 or more drivers in a class

Must be 10 cars in a class to receive full payout in limited

Driver fees

Driver and car- $25

Addition pit passes- $15

Spectator Fees:


children 7-12-$8

6 and under is Free

Gates open at 12:00 Noon

Drivers meeting at 3:00pm

Everything else follows drivers meeting 


For any questions on any of the rules, please visit Evansville MX Park’s website for contact information.


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